Making compost lab report

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Making organic materials discompose to make compost for a more productive soil.
The waste that the humans produce, are divided into organic and inorganic materials, organicmaterials are the ones that are natural, this waste discompose really easy. The inorganic ones, is the processed waste just as plastic, glass, paper, etc. this inorganic waste is distinguished becauseit is really difficult to discompose, it takes a lot of years.
When inorganic wastes are prepared in a special way, it can be converted into compost, and it gives a lot of nutrients to the soilwhere you put it.
In compost you can use some accelerators, in our case we used Urine because of the amount of bacteria it has, this bacteria can help us to decompose faster all the organic waste that weare going to prepare to make compost.
Which is going to be better compost, the one that is prepared with urine or water?
My hypothesis for this project is that ifurine is a better decomposer than water, then the urine compost will have better properties (more nutrients, alkaline ph, etc) compared to the one that is just water.
Independentvariable Dependent variable Constants Control
Urine or water as decomposers  Time the organic materials need to decompose.
 Properties of soil: ph, phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and humidity. oTime
o Size of the samples.
o Amount of water, urine, that we put. NO control because both are going to result compost.
• 2 gallon bottles
• Scissors
• Soil
•Organic wastes
• Water
• Urine
• shovel
• soil test
1. Cut the top of both bottles, to have the space to enter the organic materials and soil.
2. get some semi wet soil.
3. Put 4 cmof soil.
4. Put 8cm of fruit.
5. Repeat step 3.
6. Add some water or urine to the respectively bottle.
7. Mix the materials.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 at list for every three days for to two...
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