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Student Manual

Strategic Marketing

Marketplace business simulation, Student Manual, Strategic Marketing


Table of Contents for Marketplace Help File
A. Introduction to Marketplace Decisions
1. Introduction 2. Game Scenario 3. How to Win

B. Chapter 1: Player Activities
1. Introduction 2. Functional Organization of the Executive Team 3. Goals and StrategicDirection 4. Company Name 5. Table 2-1: Decisions to be Made by Quarter 6. Executive Briefings

C. Chapter 2: Market Research
1. Introduction 2. Initial Research: Market Opportunity Analysis (MOA) 3. Types of Information Available 4. Precision of Survey Data 5. Interpreting the Survey Data 6. Understanding What Customers Value 7. Test Marketing: Feedback and Control 8. End User Feedback: FastTests 9. Competitive Benchmark

D. Chapter 3: Brand Management
1. Introduction 2. Brand Management Decisions 3. Brand Design 4. Match Up Benefits and Features 5. Consider the Price the Market Will Bear 6. Test Market to Discover the Performance Response Curve 7. Brand Name 8. Research and Development

Ernest R. Cadotte Copyright © 2003

Marketplace businesssimulation, Student Manual, Strategic Marketing


E. Chapter 4: Advertising Decisions
1. Introduction 2. Planning the Advertising Program 3. Ad Copy Design 4. Deceptive Advertising 5. Media Placement 6. Advertising Effectiveness

F. Chapter 5: Sales Office Decisions
1. Introduction 2. Territory Development 3. Sales Office Management 4. Brand Selection 5. Brand Price 6. Price Elasticity 7.Competitive Prices 8. Price Rebate 9. Sales Order Priority 10. POP Displays 11. Sales Force Management 12. Number of Sales People 13. Target Market Specialty 14. Brand Promotions 15. Special Sales Force Programs

G. Chapter 6: Accounting
1. Introduction 2. Activity Based Costing (ABC) 3. Profitability of Marketing Division

H. Chapter 7: Finances
1. Introduction 2. Financial Planning

I.Chapter 8: Preparing the Tactical Plan
1. Introduction 2. Tactical Plan Guidelines 3. Table 8-1: Tactical Plan Reference
Ernest R. Cadotte Copyright © 2003

Marketplace business simulation, Student Manual, Strategic Marketing


Marketplace FAQs are available at:

Introduction to MarketplaceDecisions
A vast array of decisions must be made to compete in Marketplace. These decisions are patterned after real-world decisions made by new venture firms. Each decision has been limited to its most important dimensions in order to keep the game manageable. Still, there is sufficient complexity and realism to challenge you to the maximum. The real challenge in the game, and in real-life newventures, is that you must continually make a large number of concurrent strategic and tactical decisions. There is no rest from the advertising decision or the market development decision while you solve the pricing decision. Not only do you have to worry about the tradeoffs within each decision area, but you must also evaluate the tradeoffs between decision areas. Part of the value of theMarketplace experience is learning to manage a dynamic and complex world. Marketplace will also give you practice in strategic and tactical decision making. After identifying your options, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each, you must commit yourself to a course of action. The outcome of that action will always be uncertain. But you will find that you can make educated guesses and learn fromthe results of these decisions in the next quarter. You can then make adjustments so that even questionable decisions can be managed (our hindsight is so much better than our foresight). The content, context, and educational objective of each decision to be made in the simulation is reviewed in the chapters found under the icon. The decisions are presented in approximately the order in which...
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