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HI-TRAC® 100+


HI-TRAC® is a registered Trade Mark of TDC Systems Limited

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TDC Systems Limited

HI-TRAC® 100+ TechnicalManual

1. System Overview 1.1. 1.2. Introduction Operating Principles 1.2.1. Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) 1.2.2. Automatic Counter/Classifying (AVC) Sensor Layout Options The In-Road Thermistor Advanced Features 1.5.1. Piezo Sensor Temperature Non-Linearity Compensation 1.5.2. Loop Profiling HI-TRAC 100+ Electronic Unit The Piezo Sensors The Inductive Loop Sensors

1.3. 1.4. 1.5. 1.8.


Performance and Accuracy Criteria


HI-TRAC/HI-COMM Quick Start Set-Up Procedure 3.1. 3.2. Front Panel Display Connecting the HI-TRAC 100+ to HI-COMM 100 software for the first time


Menu Structure


Additional Settings and Configuration 5.1. 5.2. 5.3. 5.4. 5.5. Piezo Sensor Interface PCB Settings Loop Sensor Interface PCB Settings Check COMMS Status ResetSecurity Code Reset Memory to Default Settings


Calibration Procedures


Troubleshooting Guide 7.1. Introduction 7.2. System Boot Up 7.3. Systems Tests 7.4. Common Faults 7.5. Software Diagnostic Tools 7.5.1. Sensor Waveforms 7.5.2. Sensor Test Mode




TDC Systems Limited

HI-TRAC® 100+ Technical Manual

1. 1.1

SYSTEM OVERVIEW Introduction TheHI-TRAC® 100+ is a traffic data and high speed weigh-in-motion (HSWIM) system which provides a low cost means of recording traffic data without interruption to traffic flow. The HI-TRAC® 100+ will detect and record traffic at speeds from 5 to at least 180 kph. The system will interface to up to 8 lanes of road sensors; the lanes can be configured in either piezo-loop-piezo WIM mode, loop-piezo-loop AVCmode or looploop AVC mode. Each lane can be configured for a different mode and the different traffic direction. The HI-TRAC 100+ can also be set for “contra-flow” traffic conditions. The unit incorporates interfaces to both piezo electric sensors and inductive loop sensors. The signal from the piezo-electric sensors is used to calculate the axle loading, vehicle speed and vehicle inter-axleseparation as the vehicle passes over the road sensor array. The signal from the inductive loop measures the overall length of the vehicle and functions as a vehicle presence detector as the metal chassis of a vehicle passes into the loop detection zone. The HI-TRAC 100+ is installed in a permanent roadside cabinet and is designed to be powered from mains supply although solar power with an associatedbattery and charge regulator can be employed in remote locations. The system consists of road-installed items of up to 16 piezo electric sensors and 8 inductive loops. A 4-line by 20-character LCD located on the front panel displays the data recorded from the last vehicle and in conjunction with a 16-key membrane keypad facilitates localised setting of configuration parameters, calibration andother functions. The HI-TRAC® 100+ includes a front panel serial (RS232) port to facilitate the connection of a laptop computer. Additionally, via a back panel connector, the RS232 port can be connected to a GSM or landline modem to facilitate remote data download, administration and real time viewing of traffic. The roadside cabinet is installed with a vandal proof GSM antenna where a GSM modem isemployed for remote data download. Data is stored internally on an SRAM memory card. The HI-TRAC® 100+ is installed as standard with a 6Mbyte card, which will store up to 600,000 vehicle records when operating in the WIM mode. An upgrade to an 8Mbyte memory card is available. The HI-TRAC® 100+ system utilizes the TDC Systems Neural Network Temperature Compensation Algorithm to continually fine...
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