Marketing 3.0 kotler

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From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit

marketing 3.0

marketing 3.0

marketing 3.0
From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit



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“To the next generation of Marketers who will enhance the social and environmental contributions of the marketing discipline.” Philip Kotler “To my first grandson, Darren Hermawan, The Next Great Marketer.”Hermawan Kartajaya “To Louise for her endless support.” Iwan Setiawan


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PART I Trends Chapter One Welcome to Marketing 3.0 Chapter Two Future Model for Marketing 3.0



PART II Strategy Chapter Three Marketing the Mission to the Consumers Chapter Four Marketing the Values to the Employees Chapter Five Marketing the Valuesto the Channel Partners Chapter Six Marketing the Vision to the Shareholders






PART III Application


Chapter Seven Delivering Socio-Cultural Transformation Chapter Eight Creating Emerging Market Entrepreneurs Chapter Nine Striving for Environmental Sustainability Chapter Ten Putting It All Together Index




169 181 FOREWORD

According to Alvin Toffler, human civilization can be divided into three waves of the economy. The first wave is the Agriculture Age, in which the most important capital is the land for agriculture. My country, Indonesia, is undoubtedly rich in this type of capital. The second is the Industrial Age following the Industrial Revolution in England and the rest of Europe. The essential kinds...
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