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Process Improvement.

A good strategy for reducing costs in the company is the product of various activities undertaken by management. Unfortunately often try to reduce cost only by reducingexpenditure: found between the actions typical of redundancies restructuring and reduction of suppliers.

This type of attitude leads to disruption of the quality process and results of thisdeterioration.
In today's market customers and consumers demand better quality at a lower price and prompt delivery, which can also be formulated as a higher relationship satisfaction (quality + service) = price.  
I think the best way to reduce costs in the company is through the detection, prevention and systematic elimination of excessive use of resources.
Activities to reduce costs and improve qualityare:
1. Improving the quality.
2. Improving productivity.
3. Inventory reduction.
4. Shortening of the production lines.
5. Reduced downtime of machinery and equipment.
6. Reducing thespace used.
7. Reducing the total cycle time.
Improving quality
Improving quality is essential to initiate cost reduction. Improving the quality of work processes as a result generates fewererrors, defective products and rework, so shortening the total cycle time and reducing resource consumption, so decreasing the costs of operations.
What is at stake is not only to reach the finalcustomer with products free of defects, but also to create those products, "At the first try", implying production processes with the ability to produce goods and services of high quality without the needfor reprocessing work and inspections.
It should be borne in mind that it is much more expensive to get new customers to keep them, and secondly that customer satisfaction is usually spread bythree people, while a bad product or service will lead to spread among ten.

Productivity improvement
Improve productivity indices involves generating a greater volume of product with the...
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