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F: Hi Daniel! I have the worst luck.
D: Why? What happened?
F: I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday.
D: Really? What’s wrong?
F: She saw me cheated on her witha girl.
D: That’s too bad.
F: Yes, I wish I didn’t do that.
D: I will try to talk to her but maybe she is very upset.
F: I wish I could give her flowers so she wouldforgive me.
D: Ok. I’m going to call her.
D: Hi Lucero! I’ve just talked to Fredy, and he is very sad!
L: Oh, Really? Did he tell you something?
D: Yes, he did. He said to mehe wants talking to you and I think this situation wasn’t a big deal.
L: I disagree with your opinion.
He said to me he loved me but it turned out he was unfaithful.
D:If I were you. I would try to talk to him, maybe you can get together her again.
L: Ok! I will think about it!
D: Ok, good bye!
D: Hi Fredy!
F: Hi Daniel! , I talked withLucero today because I was really worry.
What did she say yesterday?
D: She told me she is very upset. If I were you I would give up.
F: No I don’t want to do that I haveto find the way to come back with her.
D: Well, if you want to talk to her, good luck!
But I have a good idea, why don’t we go to a club? , maybe you find the solutionthere.
F: Why not? So let’s go. See you at night.
D: Hi Lucero! What are you doing?
L: aaammm, nothing!
D: Would you like to go to a party tonight?
L: Uhhmmmm, I don’tknow.
D: Let’s go. It’s going to be really fun.
L: Ok, Maybe I can …
D: Ok, I’ll pick up you in one hour.
M: But when we arrived to the club we saw to fredy talking with agirl, I was really upset,
but that is not all...
F: They didn’t know who was the girl the next day I talked to Daniel and I said what’s
wrong? She is my cousin!
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