Mass media

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Mass media

The media are one of the most effective and quick to deliver a message, are a vehicle through which the different branches of society can be heard.

The main purpose of the massmedia (newspapers, magazines, radio and television news, movies, web pages) is precisely to communicate, but according to his kind of ideology can specialize in, inform, educate, transmit, entertain,train , comment, teaching, etc..

Is a system for transmitting and receiving moving pictures and sound at a distance.
The word "television" is a hybrid of the Greek word "tele" (distance)and the Latin "visio" (vision). The term refers to television all aspects of transmission and television programming.Sometimes abbreviated as TV. This term was first used in 1900by Constantin Perski in theInternational Electrical Congress of Paris (CIEP).
The World Television Day is celebrated on November 21 to commemorate the date in 1996held the first World Television Forum at the UnitedNations.

Internet is a method of interconnection of computer networks implemented in a set of protocolscalled TCP / IP and ensures that heterogeneous physical networks function as a network(logical) one. Makes its first appearance in 1969, when ARPAnet makes its initial connection between three universities in California and one in Utah. He has had the greatest expansion in relation totheir young age compared to the extension of this medium. Their presence throughout the world makes the Internet a mass medium, where everyone can learn of various topics in digital editionsof newspapers, or write according to their ideas in blogs andaudiovisual material or upload fotologs as in the popular YouTube site. 4 Some say this makes them key players in the Internet users themselves.Movies

The film was a step in the creation of mass media. Correspond to the visual type. It is amassive audiovisual medium that allows to reach a wide group of people "captive" but a...
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