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  • Publicado : 31 de marzo de 2011
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This research was designed to demonstrate that the strength of products made of recycled materials, have the same strength as products made of new raw material. Many people are not willing to buy products made of recycled materials, because they think that the quality is not the best. The research was focus on evaluating paper bags’ strength holding weight.
Three different paperbags were selected to perform the test. One was made of new raw materials, one of new raw materials and recycled materials, and the last one was made of 100% recycled materials. To hang up the bags an iron bar was used and then fifteen pounds of weight was put inside of each one. The bags were observed for three hours to see if any change happened while they were holding the weight.
Aftercompletion of the test, data was compiled and a graphic was prepared to show results and make the analysis. Based on the results, the paper bag made of 100% recycled materials could not hold the weight and it, after three minutes, starts to break. No further change was noticed and even though part of it was broken, the bag holds the weight up to the third hour.
The other two bags hold the weightduring the three hours without any problem.
Based on the results, paper bags made of 100% recycled materials, are not as strength as paper bags made of new raw materials or paper bags made of new raw materials combined with recycled materials.
In conclusion, hypothesis was rejected, the paper bag made of 100% recycled materials did not hold the fifteen pounds without been affected. Productsmade from recycled materials are not as strong as products made from new raw materials because its quality is affected.
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|Introduction |4 - 5 |
|Purpose|6 |
|Problem |7 |
|Hypothesis |8 |
|Methodology|9 |
|Results |10 |
|Analysis |11 |
|Conclusion|12 |
|References |13 |
|Appendix |14 - 20 |
IntroductionRecycling is the conversion of waste products into new materials, such as waste paper which can be converted into new paper goods.  Recycling is a lengthy circular process which has to include transportation of collected materials to a processing facility where they are cleaned and sorted.  The new materials that have been converted must comply with the same safety legislation and health and hygieneregulations as products made from virgin materials.  We can only say a product has been recycled when it has been purchased and used again.
One of the great things about recycling is that the process helps to minimize the presence of waste materials in our communities. Because items such as glass, paper, and plastics are being reused to create new products, they do not end up taking up...
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