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1. Simbolic Names.

Wormwood: the family surname means “gusanos de la madera”.

Lavender and Hortensia: these names are flowers.

Miss Jennifer Honey: the young teacher is mild and quiet person who never raises her voice .

Miss Trunchbull: The Headmistress. She was like an evil, a gigantic monster.

Ollie Bogwhistle: the boy who sneaked on Hortensia about the syrup incident with MissTrunchbull. Bog means ciénaga and whistle chivar

Julius Rottwinkle: it means “molusco podrido”. It refers to the boy who was thrown away the window by Miss Trunchbull.

Bruce Bogtrotter: is the boy who ate Miss Trunchbull cake without permission.

Eric Ink: Miss Trunchbull asks him to spell some words.

Mr Trilby: he is the Deputy Head. It means “sombrero tirolés”.

2. Insults.Mr. Wormwood. ( Matilda´s father is

You´re an ignorant little twit.

You´re too stupid.

You´re just an ignorant little squirt who hasn´t the foggiest idea what you´re talking about!!

What in heaven´s name are you talking about, you stupid witch?

You, little cheat. No one in the world could give the right answer just like that, especially a girl!! You´re a little cheat, madam. A cheatand a liar!!

If you can´t talk sense then shut up.

Miss Trunchbull: don´t be a twerp.

A thief! A crook! A pirate! A brigand! A rustler! , little brat

You´re disgusting little fool.

You´r ignorant little slug

Don´t be an ass , you blithering idiot! You festering gumboil! You fleabitten fungus! You stagnant cesspool!

3. Quotations.

Mr. Wormwood: What do you want aflaming book for? What´s wrong with the telly, for heaven´s sake?

You must be clever to find a use for something that costs nothing.

No one ever got rich being honest. It´s made me a mint.

Sawdust in the gear-boxes, the electric drill on the speedometer cables, a splash of paint here and there speedometer cables, a splash of paint here and there and a few other clever little tricks and theidiots were all falling over themselves to buy.

Matilda is your responsibility from now on. You´ll have to deal with her.

We are right in the middle of watching one of our favourite programmes. This is most inconvenient. Why don´t you come back some other time?

Of course we read. Don´t be so daft. I read the Autocar and the Motor from cover to cover every week.

Who wants to go touniversity, for heaven´s sake?

Mrs. Wormwood

Keep your nasty mouth shut so we can all watch this programme in peace.

I am not in favour of blue- stocking girls, looks is more important than books.

A girls doesn´t get a man by being brainy.

It´ll be one less to look after.

Matilda: I don´t find very difficult to multiply one number by another.

I´ve read all the books in the publiclibrary in the High Street. I made it with my eyes.

Miss Trunchbull: I am never mistaken.

Do you deny it, you miserable little gumboil?

It makes me vomit to think that I am going to have to put up with a load of garbage like you in my school for the next six years.

My idea of a perfect school is one that has no children in it at all.

Miss Honey: Do not despise clever people.

When Igot my teacher´s job, the aunt told me I owed a lot of money. Because I´ve feeding you for all these years and buying your shoes and your clothes. She told me it addep up thousands and I had to pay her back by giving her my salary for the next ten years.

I´ve rented a house.. I was free at last.

I would love to have Matilda. I would look after her with loving care.

4. Differencesbetween the book / film

|Nr. |Book |Film |
|1 |Matilda starts Reading with a receipt book |Matilda starts reading with her parent´s magazines |
|2 |Matilda finds a library walking on the street. |Matilda finds a library looking for in a...
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