Matrix glitch v2

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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2012
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The Reset Glitch Hack Using the Matrix Glitcher 2.


Required Hardware: • • • Matrix Glitcher Matrix NAND Programmer or any other USB SPI Programmer to dump/flash theXbox360's NAND Soldering Material

Required Software: • • Python and Python Crypto NandPro V 2.0e or greater

Identification of NAND Size: As a first step we should identify the NAND size that isinstalled into the XBOX360. The skilled ones can simply read the NAND size directly from the code written on the NAND. The second solution is to go to the memory tab under the settings menu. • • • If thereis no memory unit shown there then you have a 16MB NAND. If there is a Memory Unit showing 214MB then you have a 256MB NAND. If there is a Memory Unit showing 451MB, then you have 512MB NAND.

1 1.Dumping NAND
• Use the following diagram to solder your NAND Programmer

• Open windows' command prompt and Launch NandPro • D ump your NAND twice by using the read command for 16MB NAND :nandpro usb: -r16 nanddumpname.bin


• Compare the two dumps with the following command (you can use MD5 Checksums too) :



nanddumpname.bin nanddumpname2.bin

• You should seesomething like FC: No difference found. If the two dumps don't match, do a new dump and check again.

If you have a 256 MB or 512 MB NAND you can run the following commands: nandpro usb: -r64nanddumpname.bin


2 .Installation of Python and Python Crypto
• Install Python 2.7 (32bit!) with the default settings:


• Install PyCrypto 2.3 with the default settings :

To enablepython in windows' command prompt, we will have to modify the environment variables . • Go in Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings


• Click on Environment variable


• Clickon New in system variables

• Add this for the name and the value of the variable :



3.Creating the Hack image
• D ownload the gggggg-hack (from our...
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