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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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Mayballine is a major cosmetics brand in countries vary and is one of the most famous and already have condos in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico), Asia, Europe and Oceaniahis story began likethis:

T.L.Williams creates the Maybelline Company, a family business named after its sister Maybel, which was originally the idea of producing and selling a product to darken eyelashes that waseasy to use.

Maybelline launches its first product, Maybelline Cake Mascara, the first modern eye cosmetic, daily use. Promoted and sold exclusively by mail, this mask was so successful thatthe women began to ask for it in pharmacies.

Expands its line Maybelline eyeliner or eyebrows with eye shadow.


It creates a special container mask with a value of 10 cents, which isdistributed to pharmacies and variety stores, which allows to expand the distribution of exclusive sales Maybelline by mail to retail stores throughout the United States

Launches Ultra Lash,a waterproof mascara. A real scoop, Ultra Lash mascara is the first "automatic" (the mask is applied directly to the brush inside the tube) that is released into the mass market.

PloughInc. acquires Maybelline.
USA Maybelline executives move to the Plough's main subsidiary in Memphis, Tennessee, and begin to plan a manufacturing and distribution facility with the latestdevelopments.
Maybelline successfully expanded to other categories of makeup: face, lips and nails.
Inc. becomes Plough Schering-Plough Corporation. At the time of sale, Maybellineoperated in an assembly plant and warehouse in Alslip, Illinois.

Great Lash is launched, a water-based mascara that makes history. Today it remains the # 1 selling mascara in the global market,through a drugstore scanner every 1.5 seconds. Its winning formula is carefully monitored and their appeal is undeniable. An implement essential to any makeup, the mascara is always in sight...