Me gustas cuando callas

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Pablo Neruda “I like for you to be still
Pablo Neruda’s “I like for you to be still” is five stanzas long. It is about the author feelings towards one woman that he loves. In the beginning Nerudatells us the reason that she is quiet is because she loves him not because she is ignoring him. Neruda repeats three times “I like for you to be still” during the poem. This is important because hestarts the poem with the phrase in the same stanza where says that she also loves him. In the middle where he is going to share her silence with her and in the end when he is telling us that she starts totalk with him. This means that he loves her in all the moments of her life. He is waiting for her until she gives him one word while he is enjoying her silence.
In the poem, Neruda talks to thewoman who he is in love with, but she does not talk to him “And you hear me from far away and my voice does not touch you”. He is talking to her, but she does not want to hear him. We can see that thewoman is thoughtful and quiet, because she does speak in the entire poem, but with her silence she transmits a lot of feelings. “It seems that a kiss had sealed your mouth” Kisses are given with love,so her silence is not because she is mad, it is because she is in love and she is thoughtful about that. He likes her even if she is quiet because in her silence he finds communication with her. Hesays “I like for you to be still it is as though you are absent”. She is next to him but with her mind in another place, the other place would be that she realizes that she loves him. He loves her andhe does not care if she is quiet because she transmits her love and feelings with her silence, and the silence is a medium of expression. He is saying that she is “Distant and full of sorrow so youwould’ve died”. Because she is not talking, he is worried and feels pain for her. He tries to talks to her, but his words do not make her talk with him “And you hear me from away and my voice does not...
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