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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2011
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The Media and the Education

The world as we know it, has lots of different but important aspects that in some way are relevant to the people who live in it, for example; the media and the education. At first people would think that this two aspects don't have much in common or maybe not much to talk about but after many days of researching I am going to give a little explanation about whatmedia and education is, its importance and then after, explain the difference between these two and compare each of them, both, in the United Kingdom and in my home country, Venezuela in which the media and the education as well are very popular and relevant subjects.

Over time it has became clear that education is successful for the formation of personality and identity of human beings, it has arelevant role in society, for example, when a person finishes their studies and then go to university in order to get a better job. Furthermore, it is the most powerful weapon that someone could have, which allows people to move on and to reach a higher social level when talking about a specific country; also, perceived as an opportunity builder for many nations to achieve their socialdevelopment and respond to their economic, political and social needs. Currently, meaningful learning and the formation of a reflective and critical individual are some of the most important things that the educational system provides.

As you all know, England is one of the most world recognized place to study, many people that wants to become a successful person in the future come and study here.“British primary education as it has developed in the last thirty years or so is admired all over the world ”.(extracts from a speech by the Rt Hon. Edward Health, MP, to the National Advisory Committee on Education, 1967). Primary schools in England starts for all pupils at age five, there is no such thing as private schools in the UK because the government provide this education for all students; incontrast to Venezuela, which is different, the children starts their studzies between six and seven years of birth. The difference here is that the schools in Venezuela are divided in private and public schools; private schools, are more expensive but these ensure a higher quality education for children and a higher academic performance also; on the other hand, public schools are maintained by thegovernment but the level of these schools are not good enough so people prefer to pay for a private education.

When talking about higher education, England has also the world's best universities and colleges. To support this statement, I could say that many important, successful and famous people who have given many contributions to the modern world, technology and science have studied in theUK; for example, Maurice Wilkins whom in 1962 shared the “Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine” with Watson and Crick for the discovery of the structure of DNA; John Haden Badley, founder and first headmaster of Bedales School; William Henry Waddington, Prime Minister of France in 1879, they all studied in the University of Cambridge, in England; another famous university is The University ofOxford; which is another of the leading universities in the world, these are some of the reasons why the people who has the opportunity go and choose to study in the UK. On the contrary, Venezuela does not have a good reputation to provide the world. As many other, Venezuela is part of the group of selected countries classified as “from the third world” or “undeveloped countries” which means thebackwardness of a country or region, which would not have achieved certain levels of development. However, Venezuela has three types of higher education studies; First, the public ones which only two of them have gained good reputation, an example of this would be the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) ; which is the biggest one and the one with the most extensive list of subjects available, and...
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