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Mega Transect Project.
It´s september in the Congo … just north of the equator. An expedition unlike any other is beginning. A team of scientists and researchers is traveling almost 2,000 kilometers thorough a rainforest that covers over 150,000 square kilometers! Their aim to make a scientific record of a word which could be disappearing from Earth...the Congo Basin.
Dr. Michael Fay is ascientist from the Wildlife Conservation society. He’s leading the expedition he calls ‘The Megatransect’, or ‘’the big crossing.’
According to Fay, if they don´t document the wildlife here now, there may never be another chance to do it!
“What I’m trying o do, in a desperate way, is to show the word. That we’re just about to lose that little gem in the African continent.”
,Dr. Michael Fay(Wildlife Conservation society) “And if we don’t do something now if we don´t do it today, we can forget about it.”
The Congo Basin contains almost one quarter of the world’s rain forest. It may have up to half of all of the wild plants and animals found in the all of Africa.
Fay’s plan is to collect and record data on almost every part of the rain forest.
He wants to document the trees, theplants, and the animals that he sees there. It’s a job that´s going to take time … after eight months of traveling, the team is now in Gabon. Their next challenge is to reach a group of strange hills that are made of stone and wich rise far above the forest floor. At last, the men reach the hills and begin to walk up.
Suddenly, they realice that they’re finally above the tops of the trees. “We cansee a long way here, you know 70 or 80 kilometers in every direction. We can see 360 degrees around.” “There are no humans.” “There’s not a single village, there’s not a single road …” “It’s an amazing place.” The team continues. They can hear their next challenge before they reach it. Rapids!
“Okay , wow!” The Kongou Chutes are an important part of the landscape that the team wants to protect.This land of fast water and old forests is in danger because of logging. Right now, the team has a more immediate problem. They must cross the dangerous river here. Its only a few hundred meters wide, but the team must use guide ropes, stepping stones, and everything they know to get across.
It takes a full day … and there´s still a long way to go! After more than a year, the team finallyreaches the end of their travels. “We'd been walking in the woods in our own litte woods for fifteen months and now it was over.” “I was overwhelmed.” Dr Fay’s expedition walked throught some of the wildest lands of Afrca. They documented as many of the things they found as possible. And they did it all in an attempt to save a disappearing world.

Proyecto Transecto Mega.

Es septiembre en elCongo ... justo al norte del ecuador. Una expedición a diferencia de cualquier otro principio. Un equipo de científicos e investigadores está viajando casi 2.000 kilómetros a fondo un bosque tropical que cubre más de 150.000 kilómetros cuadrados! Su objetivo es hacer un registro científico de una palabra que podría desaparecer de la Tierra ... la cuenca del Congo.
El Dr. Michael Fay es uncientífico de la Wildlife Conservation Society.

El líder de la expedición que él llama 'La Megatransect ", o''para cruzar las grandes."Según Fay, si no el documento de la vida silvestre aquí ahora, nunca puede ser otra oportunidad de hacerlo!

"Lo que estoy tratando de hacer o, de una manera desesperada, es mostrar la palabra. Que estamos a punto de perder esa pequeña joya en el continente africano. ", El Dr. Michael Fay (Wildlife Conservation Society) "Y si no hacemos algo ahora si no lo hacemos hoy, puede olvidarse de él."

La cuenca del Congo contiene casi una cuarta parte de la selva tropical del mundo. Puede tener hasta la mitad de todas las plantas y animales silvestres que se encuentran en el todo de África.
plan de Fay es recoger y registrar datos sobre casi todas las partes de...
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