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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2010
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A megatrend is a social, economic, political, environmental or technological change that occurs in slowly but a large scale. This changes influence the processes and the perceptions of these fields,and at the same time they create a trend. According to Tim Mack, president of the World Future Society there are six Megatrends which are:

Environmental Challenge : It talks about the massiveextinction of species and the fishing and farmland shortfall, and how the droughts are going to be extreme on countries like Australia as the shortage of rainfalls in Africa.
It also evaluates thepossibility that there will be intense water scarcity and that Greenland and Antarctica will melt off.
Economic change : the Economic change is that thanks to the global warming people will have problems infood and land production, therefore they will run to the cities and urban population will grow to 70 % by 2050. The main problem is: will there be enough food and home for everyone?
Health: healthcare will be unequal around the world and will become more difficult to receive. The climate changes will affect the water resources thanks to which parasites and insect species will be created and asa result more diseases will infect people. Also stress will give people the inability to relax which will later affect mental health.
Technology problem solving: computers will have the brain powerof a human brain in 25 years and in 50 years it is calculated that computers will have the brain power of the entire humanity. Advances in technologies will also help in medical diagnosis andtreatments that will affect human health.
Greater Mobility: international trades and globalization will transform countries. 15 % of the population of at least 50 countries are immigrants.
Culturaltransformations: Thanks to the internet, the media and the migration the culture of certain countries is developing and transforming cities, companies.
For me the most interesting Megatrend is Health...
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