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From 4500 BC history settles on the Mesopotamia’s, the segment between two rivers and becoming the place where civilization would originality determine the start. Within the Mesopotamia era were theSumerians people. Sumerians began their history in Asia, somewhere southwest what historians call The Fertile Crescent. Their geographic location was between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Ashunters and gatherer Sumerians would depend on domesticated plants and animals, as long as the inhabitants of the Fertile Crescent was considerable and what would start an expansion of the beginning ofcivilization. These people, the first Sumerians, live in small villages. It is recorded, that Sumer is the birthplace of the first civilization of the world, eventually years later the beginnings ofanimal domestication and food production. Animals were also begun to be used for their milk, wool, plowing, and transport. Crops and animals of the Fertile Crescents and the first farmers came toneed humankind basic needs like protein, carbohydrate and fat, clothing and traction.
Advanced technology, people learn better ways of doing things, the Sumerians were skillful at building canals andat developing successful systems of irrigation, Sumerians used canals to irrigate crops. Historian have discover while excavating objects such as pottery, jewelry, and weapons that show us that theywere also skilled in the use of metals as copper, gold, and silver and had developed these and other skills; created new tools, used new materials, made tools from bronze—a mixture of copper and tin,artistry, as well as replacing softer copper metal. Throughout this civilization there were cities establish, slow-growing cities, Sumerian cities were narrow, winding streets, walls surrounded cities;gates would give passage letting people access the city in and out. Homes had thick mud walls to keep out heat and tunnels that would let the fresh air in. Rooms surround the courtyard where they...
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