Methods for teaching english

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III. Approaches A. Audiolingual Method B. Communicative Language Teaching C. Direct Method D. Grammar Translation E. Natural Approach F. Total Physical Response

Audiolingual Method Objective: Touse target language automatically by forming new habits in language. Process: Vocabulary and structures are presented in dialogues, learning through imitation and repetition. Roles: The teacherdirects and controls student behavior and provides good model for imitation. Students repeat, respond quickly and accurately. Language Emphasized: Language structures emphasized and vocabulary is indialogue. View of Language and Culture: Emphasizes everyday speech. Culture makes up language and behaviors. Role of Students’ Native Language: Students’ native language is not used. Evaluation:Discrete-point tests. Errors: Teachers predict trouble spots and tightly control what they teach students to say. Lesson Sequence Dialogue (conversation between 2 or more students) Acting out the dialogue PatternDrills (Repetition, Substitution, Transformation) Written Practice (worksheet)

Communicative Language Teaching Objective: To become communicatively competent, use appropriate language for socialcontext, and negotiate meaning. Process: Activities are communicative through the use of authentic materials. Speakers choose what to say and how to say it, usually working in small groups. Roles: Theteacher manages activities and sets up communicative situations (not scripted). Language Emphasized: Function is emphasized over form and students work at discourse level focusing on negotiatingmeaning. View of Language and Culture: Culture is part of daily communication. Role of Students’ Native Language: The students’ native language does not play a role. Evaluation: Informal evaluation ispart of communication. Formal evaluation includes integrative tests, which include communicative functions. Errors: Errors are natural. Students with incomplete knowledge can still succeed. Lesson...
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