Teaching methods and tecniques

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Teaching Methods And Techniques
2nd summary
Language is a social construction. Is a tool for communication we use daily, usually without thinking about its structures or parts. It is very naturalto use spoken and written language to communicate with other people and complete daily routine activities using our native language. Language is dynamic, infinite and ever changing. Effectivecommunication derives from good cognitive skills and the ability of understanding others and their attempts communicate. The teachers design activities that help students to access and process information.Many teachers have many of the humanistic views that are incorporated in humanistic Education.
An approach is the most general category of language instruction terminology. It’s general attitude towardhow to go about teaching a language.
A method is an already created, general set of systematic steps or actions that a teacher can use in the classroom to accomplish the language teaching objectivesor goals that the teacher has.
A technique is a specific thing that teacher uses to accomplish the personal objectives or goals of his or her individual classroom needs.
A teaching philosophy is allof teacher's personals beliefs about teachings and learning.
The philosophy of teaching deals with what the ultimate purpose of education should be for a society. Teaching philosophies aredefinitions, beliefs and views about how students learn and how teachers should teach.
Knowledge was something that the teacher gave to his/her students. The emphasis was on learning facts and concepts, andstudents were seen as passive receivers, whose duty was just the memorize the knowledge to teacher gave.
Language learning principles come from teaching philosophies and are generally sorted intothree subgroupings. These principles as seen as a theory derived from research, to which teachers need to match theirs classroom techniques.
Cognitive principles: Meaningful learning, Strategic...
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