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Types of ghost: Stephanie

There are several types of ghosts out there in yonder dimensions and it's important to know them for the purpose of advanced knowledge & research.
Apparition: Aghost you see or in some way sense near you. These ghosts have been reported as solid, transparent, an odd fog, a face in the fog, or even a sound, a feeling, or a smell.
 Crisis Apparition: A ghost thatappears to let someone know that danger or death is about to befall a loved one. Reported as being a solid, or transparent ghost.
Doppleganger: A ghost that looks, walks, talks, and appears to afamily member of the person it looks like at the exact moment the person it looks like dies. People have even claimed to have seen their own doppleganger. Doppleganger means double goer in German.Repeorted as being solid, or transparent.
Poltergeist: A noisy spirit that is more of a "psychic explosion" from a teenage boy or girl. Poltergeists infest people rather. Poltergeist means noisyghost in German. These ghosts are reported as being "invisible".
Orbs: An orb is basically a ball of light that appears unexpectedly in a photo. Normally white or bluish in color, one or more mayappear on an otherwise normal photograph, and are occasionally captured on videotape as well They are hypothesized by some researchers to be basic manifestations of spiritual energy in its simplestand most primitive form
Vortexes: Somewhat less common than orbs are those little clouds or wisps of light that sometimes appear in photos known as vortexes . Usually appearing as a swirling spiral oflight . they, like their cousin the orb, are also thought to be spiritual energies in the process of manifesting themselves, but ones that are closer to achieving that goal than are their sphericalcousins.
Shadow ghost: These ghosts usually appear as a shadow of sorts. They look a bit like Ecto-mist but with form and are normally reported to be two feet in length or longer and tend to travel...
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