Mexico y su relacion internacional

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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2010
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ITESM Campus Chihuahua
Grecia Quiroz Figueroa A01185896
Miriam Paola Herrera Burciaga A01185587
Project: Article
Mexico’s International Relations
Mexico’s International Relations
Mexico’s Foreign Policy
Mexico- U.S.
Drug traffic
Mexico in the World
We chose this topic because we are concerned abouthow Mexico can attract more people to invest in our country legally and to hire Mexican people, with drug trafficking has many international relations, but not exclusively, Mexico is growing and we want to mention why.
To know if in fact we are creating awareness in the world or, what factors influence people not to come outside? Why do Mexican people go abroad? Why there wereproblems with the U.S. for immigrants? And what could be the solution for it?
The main ideas we have for this topic which is Mexico’s international relations, is basically focusing on the main points and the problems of the next sub topics which are: Mexico’s foreign policy, Mexico and the US, migration, drug traffic NAFTA, Mexico in the world. This are the biggest problems Mexico seemsto be having right now and so far people from the government don’t know how to deal with them because right now for them, all that’s in play is the money and not improving Mexico and its people. What we think could be the problem is just corruption there is a lot of information in the government which one way or another goes into bad hands, and since the president can’t be on everything andeveryone is in different things no one will really notice if they took some money of our the taxes we pay to make themselves richer. When it comes down to way Mexico isn’t progressing, it comes from the corruption of the government.
Our proposal for all this problems vary it depends on what subtopic we talk about. For example, drug traffic one of our ideas would be to put more protectionin the borders more authority and if any police is suspect of being the one in charge of letting illegal substances on to our land, should be put in jail. Another proposal we thought of for migration and how to deal with how many people migrate over to the US is probably because they want a better life, we could provide a better life by having more jobs and that will increase the salary of thepeople this are only some short proposal that will be explained in the later on projects. We also think transparency in what the country is doing is a good idea, for the government to show us where our money from the taxes goes. Mexico will keep on growing if we take proposal form the fresh and new politics and especially the ones that really want to make things better.
Mexico’s ForeignPolicy The foreign Mexican policy is too extent to talk about it all, but there are six fundamental points given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs that explain the foreign Mexican policy in a simple way. Which are the following:
a. First, Mexico acknowledges globalization and growing interdependence of nations in the world. He warns, too, the rapid realignment of political and economic forceson the planet.
b. Second, Mexico resolves open to globalization to be an active and influential actor, with other great nations, to guide the changes.
c. Third, Mexico knows it has in its historical principles of foreign policy, the solid foundation that allows open and act without fear. These principles are the foundation and guide international action.
d. Fourth, besides reaffirming itsprinciples, Mexico is making explicit its foreign policy objectives. The first, strengthening the national sovereignty. Embraced globalization and change, but to strengthen us as a distinct, strong and sovereign. Mexican foreign policy today rejects the false dichotomy between principles and interests. What principles of Mexico's foreign policy would be legitimate if they were against the true...
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