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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2011
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In Zacatelco the garbage collection service is being adhered to 100 percent

Tlaxcala. July 30, 2009 (Pulse) .- It is necessary to promote separation and recycling of waste. In order to improvegarbage collection, the City of Zacatelco is covering 100 percent this service into seven sections and colony Domingo Arenas, this has enabled it to respond to citizen demands as embodied in theMunicipal Development Plan 2008-2011, said the director of municipal services.
But he said it is important to foster a culture of recycling, since it has been found that most of the waste generated isplastic bottles, and paper bags can be recycled from home so we can protect the environment and even generate income for the family.
Every day is collected approximately 50 tons of garbage collectiontruck, which pass twice a week on the streets of the municipality and that has allowed for a better service, Monday through Saturday.
Given the increasing trend in waste generation per household inthis period of leave, the director calls on citizens to strive to reduce by recycling or using organic waste for compost, with less waste and so we can keep our environment.
Moreover, in the nextschool year, he said, the City will continue through the areas of ecology and stage management with the activities in educational institutions to foster a culture of environmental protection, separationand recycling of waste.
The Municipal Development Plan 2008-2011 has established lines of action in this matter that we must comply because it is a company commitment to offer better services butalso requires public participation.

The principal problem

There are many people throw garbage on the banks, the people eat in the street an thow the garbage in the street, the people thow garbagein the market and the other places of the city.


Would be deposit waste in the streets, contratation the people for clean the city, and has depisits in the others places of the city....