Microsoft sweeper

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  • Publicado : 4 de enero de 2011
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Microsoft Sweeper

Jack, a young man worked 3 years in a cotton factory. One day, he got fired because of the crisis the factory had. They were reducing the number of workers. After looking for ajob for several days, Jacks finds out a job in Microsoft. “Looking for a young sweeper” it said. Jack didn’t thing it twice and presented himself to the manager of the section. After seeing himsweeping so well, he congratulates Jack and starts asking him his data. The job is yours, said the manager. “Just give me your e-mail, and I let you know the day and time for you to present yourself”.
Theman very nervous responds the manager that he has no e-mail.
“Well I’m very sorry, but I can’t give you the job if you don’t have any e-mail. It’s very important to have one, everyone has one”.Said the manager and opened the door of the office and asked Jack to leave.
Jack goes out really sad and disappointed and he doesn’t know what to do. He has only 300$ in his savings.
After muchthought, he determines he has to move on and decides to buy 10Kg fruits for 300$ and starts selling them house per house. He sells each Kilo for 50$. In less than 2 hours he had earned more money than heexpected. He realized that he’s good in it and decides to do it every day.
At the end of 6 months he buys a little car, with the one he sells the fruits faster. After a year he changes the car for abigger truck and after three years of hard and effective work, he inaugurates his first store. After seven years, the young and energetic man becomes owner of one of the bigger and important fruitdealer in the country.
One day he receives an insurance agent in his big and warm office and after talking about all the paperwork, the agent asked Jack to give him his e-mail.
“I actually don’t haveany, but you can have my personal card. You would be able to call me any time” responds Jack proudly.
The agent takes the card and remains very quite. Then he stands up and suddenly said: “if you...
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