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  • Publicado : 5 de noviembre de 2010
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Enviormental Systems

Endangered Species

Today we are facing a very big problem, this problem has to do with animals that are part of the endangered species, this animals could disappearin a very short time, what is really incredible is that this is not because of nature, this is happening because of human behavior. Is very sad because we are not conscious, we should respect theanimals because they are part of our ecosystem and they have the same right to leave as us.

The World Conservation Union is an organization that worries about the endangered species, this organizationhave categories in which they include the following: extinct, extinct in the wild, endangered, critically endangered, vulnerable, conservation dependent, near threatened and at last the ones thathave the least concern which do not require that much attention.

At 2004 the World Conservation Union published a chart where we can appreciate the endangered species by class, here we can appreciatethat reptiles have a mayor risk than the other species, we can see that reptiles have more percent in the endangered and critically endangered category. We can also appreciate that amphibians and fishare also at the same level.

In this other chart we can see the global distribution of the endangered species, this chart shows how South Asia has a serious problem of endangered species,the problem here is the economy on each continent, because that helps to stop the disappearance of this
animals, including treatments and special care.


Nowadays a lot of people are tryingto stop the animal extinction problem, they have organizations that recover money in order to give it to specialists that can have a couple of animals in danger on a zoo and can give treatment in orderfor them to procreate and make their specie live longer. Also the government is helping in a lot of countries because they have prohibited the haunting of some kind of animals, this is to prevent a...
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