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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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Serial killers

The things I know about serial killers. The term serial killer was possible first use by agent Robert Ressler on early 70. A serial killer is a person that kills more than threepeople on a period of time of thirty days leaving a period of “cooling off” between murders, and whose motivation for killing is mostly based on psychological satisfaction. Serial Killers should not bemistaken for a mass murderer, who is someone that kills a large amount of people at once or for a spree killer that kills many people on short time. Their crimes are usually made by single person. Butthere have been cases on which two or more people acted together.
A serial killer tends to follow some general characteristics, but this isn't always true. They are usually intelligent with an IQ“bright normal” range. They come often from middle class dysfunctional families; on which they possible suffer abuse, emotionally, physically and/or sexually. More than 60 percent wet their bed beyond theage of twelve. Many are fascinated which starting fire, sadistic activities or torturing animal. The majority are single men.
The FBI has made three categories of serial killers. They are organized,disorganized and mixed offenders. The first are individuals that possessed high IQ (105 on forward). They plan their murders with great details and it can take them even years to get their victims.Their victims can be people who hurt them on the past. They can be women, children, elderly, prostitutes ect. Those type of people are easy to handle. The next category is disorganize. They have low IQ(between 80 and 95), and they commit their murders impulsively. The victims are mostly random people and they don't take care about eliminating the body like the organized. Finally the mixedoffenders. The mix offenders exhibit organized and disorganize characteristic.
The motives of serial killers are generally placed into four categories: visionary, mission-oriented, hedonistic and power...
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