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Ultra LX Comp Rev:02

THINGS NEEDED You will need to buy a few items to start the engine and run the car. • Use 20% nitro CAR fuel. Do not use airplane or heli fuels, they will over heat engine. • Buy LONG glow plugs, like OFNA/PICCO Plug (#51007-cool or 51008-med). Use plugs without idle bar. Do NOT use plugs, like the MC-59 or OS-8 or any shortplug In your box you will find.. • #10163 - Bottle, spout top • #10219 - Red “D” size glow heater

Glow Fuel 20%

AA Batteries ( 12 pcs )

You need to get batteries for the radio transmitter and the car receiver packs. • Radio TX needs (8) eight AA batteries. • Car needs (4) four AA Ni-cad batteries, Alkaline type batteries will work, but braking will be reduced. The best is to use a 5 cellhump pack for increased voltage.. Recommended Option: You may want to upgrade the car battery pack to a Ni-Cad or NiHm 5 cell type(600AE). This will give more run time. OFNA #10212
10214 Over-nite Charger

#10212 NiHm Hump Pack, see charger 10214.

10239 Instant Cement


Phillips Type Screw Drivers ( L )

91009 CurvedScissors $5.95

Phillips Type Screw Drivers ( S )

Cross Wrench #17109 $3.95 #10796 $3.95

10620 Diff Gear Grease $9.95

Needle Nose Pliers

Glow Plug & 17MM Cross Wrench #10801 $6.95 Knife

Running a nitro kit is fun and easy, but to make this a safe and good experience you must observe a few rules. This kit is extremely fast, easily over 40MPH, and canseriously injure someone if you are not careful. Where to run car? • Any running area you choose must be dry. Do not run car near any water or wet dirt. • Do not run on public streets. It is very easy to have the car run over or damaged by hitting the curb. • Do not operate car in tight confined places. The car is very fast and will easily hit something. • Do not run near people or animals. The caris very fast and will too easily hit someone. • Due noise, you will want to consider the surrounding area when operating the car. • Do not operate the car at night. You will not be able to drive it without hitting something. • Do not operate the car indoors. Engine exhaust is not healthy. Glow Fuel • Glow fuel is poisonous! • Glow fuel is flammable! • Do not leave in fuel bottle with lid off atany time. • Do not use any fuel other than glow fuel in this engine. First Time Starting the Engine Caution! When starting engine make sure the following is observed. • Set engine Master needle to 3 turns (rich setting) • Do not do this alone, get an experienced friend to help at first. • Fill fuel tank, try not to spill fuel. Do not spill fuel on receiver • Hold car off the ground, so it will notrunaway when first starts • Turn on Radio and check the linkage before starting engine. • Turn on car receiver battery switch. • Always have an air filter on the carburetor to keep dirt out. Engine Break-in • See Engine Page. Emergency Stopping Engine When Running • Remove air filter and cover carb. intake. • Squeeze fuel line and hold until engine stops. • With a rag, cover exhaust outlet.Storing Car After Running • Remove fuel from tank and fuel lines • Turn off radio in car • Put a few drops of after run in engine to keep it from rusting. • Clean oil and dirt from chassis with a degreaser. Precautions • This kit is not a toy. Always run car with a second person as a spotter and pitman. • Hot Parts - The pipe, manifold, engine and head are very hot and will cause burns. • Rotating Parts- Keep hands away from the drive train, wheels, and engine when engine is running. • Radio - Check batteries life before running the car. If radio does not have full control of the car with steering and/or throttle/brake do not run until corrected. Failure to correct this will result in possible injury and damage to the car or property. • Glow fuel - Do leave the glow fuel unattended with the...
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