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Carolina: Well, today we do a play about Christmas.

Xiomara: Hi Dad, mmm I'm going to a party for a friend, right? . I know it'sChristmas, but I'm going to have fun at my friend's house. Goodbye.

Nilson: But child, it was impossible, were we supposed to celebrate Christmas with yourmother.

Xiomara: But Dad! I'm too big to spend time with you.

Jahaira: What happens here?

Nilson: Your daughter wants to go to a party and do notwant to spend Christmas with us.

Xiomara: Leave me alone! Okeii Goodbye

Xiomara goes mad

Jahaira: Our daughter has grown, but we have not educated.WILL THE PARENTS! Arrives and the Angel.

Carolina: Xiomara you should share all the time with them while they are alive

Xiomara: Why?Caroline: Because you'll see a time when your parents are not going to be and you will need.

Xiomara: You are quite right and I can do so that they canforgive me.

Carolina goes to them and tell them you're sorry and they come first, and then you are friends
Xiomara: Thank you.


Xiomara: Mom and dad forgive me for what I said.

Jahaira: Do not worry daughter you are little and you learn from your mistakes.Nilson: Daughter you wanted to spend with your friends but you're our only child and want to share with you. Thanks for understanding.

Xiomara: I love you.Nilson and Jahaira: We also daughter.


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