Moral teaching

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Moral Teaching!
God in our lives put to us many difficulties, obstacles. Like when you are in a race, it has obstacles that you must need to pass to go to the goal by saying that I mean that in lifewill have a “class” of obstacles to be overcome in order to move forward and go to our goal that is the last days in the earth.
When I read scarlet ibis it have a moral teaching, it was that we needto look “forward and not to look back” it means that we need to pass the difficulty that anyone have in this moment or in the future. What happens in scarlet ibis is that it was a little boy and ahis brother, the little boy can’t walk so his brother decide to teach him how to walk and pass many month when finally the little boy learn and he can walk, the little boy learn that he can do anything.So the moral teaching that the scarlet ibis give to me is that anything is impossible in the life, the only thing that you need to do is to look at the front of your life and pass all the kind ofobstacles and go on. Some people only stay in that obstacles all there life and they don’t do anything to change that, also they only look the bad things that happen to them but they don’t look the goodthings that contribute that things to their life.
In my personal experience I don’t pass like in a situation like that, but I know that a friend pass through a series of obstacles and that give hera moral lesson that is to value all the things that she have because we never know what will happen in our lives. Her parents were in a good economy statues, his dad was always working they never passa time with him, but one day in the office fire her mom, his father was with other women and he never care about his job so they fire also to him. In that moment of her life her father’s separate,she go to life with her uncle and her mother because they need money so they decide to sold the house, her father went to Argentina with his brother to find a job. Her father found a job but his...
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