More than a carpenter

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Jesus Christ was More than a Carpenter He was the true Messiah

There are many people who feel their life is worthless, and they do not find a purpose in life. Those people cannot attain the full happiness they would like. They constantly tried to find the answers to their problems in the wrong places in a desperate attempt to fill that empty space in their lives. In addition,some of these kinds of people who feel their life is missing something are very skeptical about Christianity. They believe that since they have tried many other things, a religion would not make any difference in the search for their answers and fulfillment of happiness. However, they do not understand that Christianity is not just about one more religion; instead, Christianity is about recognizing,understanding and accepting Jesus Christ as the true messiah, son of God, who came to earth to save all humanity from our sins and to allow us share with him in eternal life. This is the case of Josh McDowell a university professor who felt his life did not have meaning and could not find the answers to three questions which torment his life such as who he was, why he was here, and where he wasgoing. After trying many religions and education he could not find the answers to his questions until he finally understood Christianity. After accepting Christ in his heart, his life changed radically, and he felt life was no meaningless anymore. The purpose of this paper is to prove skeptical people the existence of Jesus Christ; to prove he is the messiah, and that Christianity provides truehappiness and fullness in life.

Book Summary
One day, Josh McDowell saw a group of students who seemed to be very happy all the time, and they were different from other people. So, he asked “Tell me, why are you so different from all the other students and faculty on this campus? What changed your life?” (McDowell, 1977) Without hesitating a girl answered “Jesus Christ”. Josh’s reaction wasvery skeptical since he had already tried many religions, but the girl explained him that Christianity is not a religion. “Religion is human trying to work their way to God through good works” but “Christianity is God coming to men and women through Jesus Christ” (McDowell, 1977). After that, the group of students challenged Josh “to make rigorous intellectual investigation of the claims of JesusChrist – that he is God’s son; that he inhabited a human body and lived among real men and women; that he died on the cross for the sins of humanity; that he was buried and was resurrected three days later; and that he is still alive and can changed a person’s life even today” (McDowell, 1977).
Jesus Christ is different from other religious leaders. The difference is that the other religiousleaders didn’t claim to be God as Jesus did. Jesus proclaimed himself as the only way to salvation and forgiveness of sins. He claimed himself as true God and true God’s son. Many people did not believe in the claim that Jesus was God. Therefore, if this claimed was false and Jesus was not God, then Jesus either knew it was false which makes him a liar, or he did not know it was false which makes hima lunatic. Saying that Jesus Christ was a liar does not match with what people know about his teachings and the things he did. For example, if he was a liar he was also hypocrite because he taught honesty, and he was also foolish because he died on the cross for a lie. “Whatever Jesus has been proclaimed, we see lives change for the good, nations change for the better, thieves becoming honest,alcoholic become sober, hateful individual become channels of love, unjust persons embrace justice” (McDowell, 1977). In addition, to say that Jesus was a lunatic does not make sense either. Jesus did not present any abnormalities or behavior of a lunatic. He is a person whose teachings were the most profound and wisest in the world. “The skill and deep of his teaching support the case only for his...
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