Museo de normandia

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1) Service concept:
First of all, in this museum, service concept consists of two parts:
- Core service
- Augmented services
I think core service in Musée de Normandie, arepermanent and temporary expositions. These expositions are about history, ethnology and archaeology of Normandy.
Augmented services can be bookshop, cafeteria (in another building) or postcards sale.The service concept is defined like tangible, because we can see all the objects and we can get information about them; explicit, because it is clearly, fully and interesting for visitors; and coreservice, because this objects are the base of the museum.
2) Target Segments:
I think the museum can be faced for French people, because most of things are explained in French, also website. Maybecan be faced for students and people interested in knowledge of history of Normandy, but history about region because inside you cannot find things about Second World War. I say this because D-Day isthe most famous in this place.
Maybe, the museum is interested in attraction more people, of different cultures or countries but I think that people who manage this establishment should inventsomething to get this object.
3) Image position:
Before the visit, I thought that the museum is about Second World War (I said before that this is the most famous here) but when I visited it I realizedit is about history, ethnology and archaeology of Normandy so the image of the museum is not so clear to customers.
To my mind, personality and image of the museum are quite, far away one from theother.
4) Culture and philosophy:
I think the idea of museum is to give knowledge about the history of Normandy trough the objects presented inside to all kind of people who visit this place. We canfind out how people lived, what were the traditions, what music they played, which instruments they had to work with, etc...
5) Delivery system
Service delivery system includes three parts:
- Staff...
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