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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2010
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The diary of a passion

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I love themovie - the diary of a passion - the actors are wonderful and the story even better...

Was and will be one of the best! in the movie shows agirl who goes on holiday to a village, falls in love with love Noah was a difficult but eventually the two had secretly led a very romanticrelationship, after a time they were separated and Noah decided to fulfill their dreams while Allie betrayed by her mother still did not know existedNoah, ugly moments passed but she found out that Noah lived and the best that was in the same place as before, went to get Allie and revived the lovevery much passion they had had children were married !
When they were old people so I do not like the story was that Allie loses his memory andI should be the rest of his life in a hospital.

Noah did not give up and every day was with her that he loved her, Noah wrote his life since Imet and the newspaper as telling a story of romance and so aver remembered something (had hoped) Allie was telling Noah that if there wasreincarnation like a bird.

known Allie you to remember this history, surprisingly very slightly, a few months after the two had sex and they told thelast I love you and died together in that window while it looked a very free flying birds ...
I recommend them very romantic to see a true love!
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