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  • Publicado : 7 de mayo de 2011
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The consequences of Bin Laden’s death over al Qaeda and the Muslim World

The death of Osama Bin Laden occurs at a opportune moment in the history of the Middle East. Indeed, the Arab Spring iscurrently reorganizing the region in ways not seen in generations. The best hope is now that the Middle East will use this opportunity to eradicate the ideology of Islamist terror that have spread duringthe past in the region. However this can only happen if its new leaders walk together in the same direction, that’s what the future will learn to us. First, we have to note that the wave of popularupheavals had already launched the decline of al Qaeda’s appeal over the Muslim World. Starting in Tunisia and spreading to Egypt, Syria and elsewhere, demonstrators have fought against repression,corruption and demand for justice, democracy and also jobs. These movements are in complete contradiction with the aims of Bin Laden and al Qaeda which are strong and immovable regimes and a notion offreedom at the complete opposite of the new desire expressed by these emerging Islamic societies. Secondly, the successful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt are running counter the dogma of Bin Laden. Wecan analyse these movements as post-Islamist movements because their main aim is to improve their countries’ internal conditions and not blaming one more time America or Israel. In this way we canconsider that al Qaeda is the big loser of the Arab Spring. However it’s important to note that al Qaeda’s decline doesn’t mean Muslim countries will automatically convert themselves into respectableliberal democracy or resist the pull of politicized Islam. Finally we can say that the death of bin Laden disrupts but doesn't bring the death of bin Ladenism. Al Qaeda network is still active and hissubdivisions are very numerous. Actually the better way to fight al Qaeda’s terrorim is to prevent Bin Laden’s ideology from spreading. Indeed, the most dangerous terrorists are those who one day...
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