My favorite sport

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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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My Favorite Sports
Special Work Report English Class • Grade 8-2 • November 22,2010

By: Glenn López Fraguada •8 grade •Teacher: Mrs. Cortés •Colegio La Inmaculada

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Type of physical activities!
Watch sport on TV


My favorite NBA players!
My top five players
The sport I do not understand

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By: Glenn López Fraguada•8 grade •Teacher: Mrs. Cortés •Colegio La Inmaculada

Type of physical activities
The basketball game

Michael Jordan,Tim Duncan, Lebron James and Nate Robinson (smallest man in the NBA)

I likeall outdoor activities, but if we talk about sports, the most I like basketball. I love this game because this is the game where I share with my friends and like us. This sport that like I to see onTV are Basketball, Football and Volleyball.

Watch sport on TV I like to see on TV all sports . But the most strikes me is basketball. This sport has the energy and excitement that many people love.The rules of this sport are very simple and easy to learn. The basketball game consists of ten players, five for each team and five for another team. The object is to score as many points aspossible. The game is controlled by time. Once time runs out, the game ends, the team has more points is the winner.


My favorite NBA players
The basketball game
My top five players

I had troubledeciding just how to do this... I'm not a huge NBA fan today, so I couldn't think of too many players to talk about as my favorites. Anyway I decided to make these my five favorite players.

LebronJames, my favorite player

5. Kevin Durant. I just feel bad for the guy, really. Now he's on a good Oklahoma Thunder team, but he's always injured and can't take part in it! I like versatileplayers, though. 4. Chris Bosh. I've always been a big Bosh fan, It's sad to see him getting old and start battling injuries and just not being the explosive player he once was. I also liked when he once...
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