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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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I looked in the mirror; my wedding dress was all I ever dreamt it would be, everything was beautiful and my dad was really happy but I wonder…Am I happy? I don’t really know the answer to this.
Standing here looking at my wedding dress ready to walk down the aisle and say: ``I do´´, to someone I don’t even know, scares me, this is not the end of my fairytale this is not what I dreamt when I wasa little girl this is not my ..Cinderella lived happily ever after with her prince…but I don’t have a prince, well he is handsome but I’ve never wished for my prince to be handsome I wished for him to be an awesome guy that makes every day a perfect and different one.
It is time, Brooke my best friend, the girl that always helps me come in, its time, its time to stop dreaming about fairytales andprepare for a long and unhappy life with this guy.
The doors open,the music began and I walk with my dad by my side telling me how proud he is, so I am more scared I don’t want to disappoint him, but then he said to me : ``Peyton do love him?´´ So I think inside of me that I have to say I do, because he wants for me a husband like him ,but my heart says another thing my heart wants to run awayand find the love I’ll ever wish to have. He asked again: `` Peyton do you love him´´, and I said: ``no I don’t I’m really sorry dad´´; he looked at me and with his soft voice he said :`` don’t be sorry ,you don’t choose who do you want to love ,that feeling appears in your heart when you meet the perfect person for you, so don’t be scared, don’t be scared of running away and searching for truelove you deserve ,don’t worry about me I’ll be ok ´´ But I thought, will my fiancé accept this? So it is time, dad gives me a kiss on the forehead and the ceremony began, in my mind I can’t picture my future with him, I just can picture my summer in Paris with my true love. No one knows about it except Brooke. Last summer I travelled to Paris just for having fun and shop in every part of that city,I met a lot of people and I found incredible places to shopped but I found another thing, I found my prince I found my true love and when I met him four months ago I realised that at that moment my fairytale began.
But I’m standing here on my wedding day looking at my fiancé’s eyes and thinking how I’m going to tell him I don’t love him?
This ceremony takes to long and every minute of it I’mmore scared about the future, and I keep thinking about my prince, about my fairytale…how would it be if I would stay in Paris?
Those 3 moths were incredible…
It was June 20th my best friend’s birthday. Brooke and I went shopping; finally she was 21, the perfect age for having fun. We spent an incredible time together and the next day my dad surprised us with two tickets, first class to Paris. Wepacked the faster we could and prepared to a summer full of fun.
It was a long trip from New York to Paris like fourteen hours, but I think I slept the entire trip. We stayed at a hotel called ``De Fleurie ´´. We had lots of fun there. After one week Brooke met one hot French guy she really liked so she spent a lot of time with him.
One Sunday afternoon, I went to Le Dauphin a really nicecoffee house my dad told me to go, I thought it was officially open in 1945 and people say that in there you can taste the best coffee and desserts in whole Paris. When I got there I realised that the place was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, the light makes you feel warm and some waiter told me it was the perfect place for a kiss, I wished that my first kiss with my prince, a real princewould happen in there. Anyway, I sat down there and just drank a hot coffee, and then like in fairytales the princess met her prince, well met is a huge word maybe the princess saw her prince.
Sitting there, next to the window, drinking coffee, I saw the most perfect man I had ever seen in my entire life he was really cute, then he turned around and he looked me right into the eyes; he’s green...
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