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Chapter 11 Section 3 Review
Learning Unit 2
1. Explain the significance of: Napoleon Bonaparte, consulate, Civil Code, capable, Anne-Louise-Germaine de Staël, liberal, nationalism,Duke of Wellington.
2. What were four major principles that were reflected in the Civil Code?
3. List the powers Napoleon exercised as first consul.
4. Identify the reasons for the rise andfall of Napoleon.
5. How the nationalism unify the people in countries that Napoleon invaded?
6. How did the principles of the French Revolution spread throughout Europe?
1.Napoleon Bonaparte - he ended the French Revolution, and came in power in 1799 as the first consul
Consulate - the new government that Napoleon created with the coup d'état
Civil Code - the Napoleoniccode, introduced in 1804
Capable - adjective, meaning that someone is able to do something
Anne-Louise-Germaine de Staël - writer whose work was banned and censored by Napoleon
Liberal - personthat wanted liberty and change in the government
Nationalism - the feeling that your country language, religion, and national symbols are unique and the best
Duke of Wellington - the commander of thecombined British and Prussian armies who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in Belgium on June 18, 1815
2. Equality of all citizens before the law, and the right of the individual to choose aprofession, religious toleration, and the abolition of serfdom and all feudal obligations.
3. Consul for life, Absolute Power, and Emperor
4. Rise

Napoleon succeeded militarily throughout his life| Napoleon decided to invade Russia in 1812 |
He made a coup d'état and was named first consul | He lost his Grand Army against Russia in 1813 |
He made an empire and made himself emperor |Napoleon was sent into exile in 1814 |
He created new laws that made him adored | Fall
Napoleon was defeated and exiled to death in 1815 |

5. The conquered people became united in their hatred of...
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