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Page 1)This is a beautiful town. A giant lives here in his castle. He is not friendly. He likes to be alone, but he is visiting the Cornish agre. ( Dibujo del gigante yéndose de viaje)Gigante My garden is so beautiful. I don’t want anybody to step in my flowers. I am going to close the gate

Page 2)All the boys and girl in that town love to see the Giant´s garden and the apple tree. The birds are always in the tree, singing and taking care of their nest(dibujo de ninos y ninas corriendo y un arbol de manaza con los pajaros cantando) Niños We are so happy here, Its is a wonderful place to play andrest. We can play now because the giant is travelling

Page 3) The kids are playing and the Giant is coming back from his trip. The kids are sad because they know that the giant doesn’t like anybody near his castle (dibujo del ninos escondiendose al ver al gigante)Gigante What are you doing here?This is my garden.I am playing here by myself nobody else!!!!

Page 4)The children are running away. They know that their days full of fun are finishing. The Giant is building a big wall, so nobody can get into the garden

( Dibujo de niños corriendo y otros miranodal gigante construyendo lapared dialogo de un nino ˝Today is a bad day Gigante I am at home now and with thiswall there is not going to be any kids in my garden………jaja

Activity page 5)Look and repeat(Dibujos de giant(gigante) oger(ogro) town(pueblo) wall(pared)

)El gigante habla y de su boca salen diferentes palabras el alumno hace clicken los verbos en presente.

Lista town/castle/lives/likes/loves/see/garden/know/near/get

6)Match (dibujo de manzano/gran pared/jardín)Palabras apple tree/big wall/garden

7)Write 3 sentences with the new words

Page 8 )The Giant is laughing and smiling in an evil way. He is putting up a notice board. (dibujo del gigante poniendo unletrero en la pared dialogo gigante: Leyendo el letrero Tresspassers are going to be in trouble……jaja

Page 9) The poor children don’t have a place to play anymore. They are trying to play on the road, but it is so dusty and full of stones. It sad to see the children faces...