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NEGOCIOS INTERNACIONALES, Daniels, 12ª edición, CHAPTER 8, p.295

Cross-National Cooperation and Agreements

Multiple Choice Questions

1. __B__ integration is the political and economicagreements among countries that give preference to member countries to the agreement.
a. Global
b. Economic
c. Bilateral
d. Regional

2. When only two countries agree to cooperatemore closely, it is called ___D_____ integration.
a. double
b. economic
c. regional
d. bilateral

3. The European Union is an example of __A__ integration.
a. regional
c. global
d. bilateral

4. NAFTA is an example of ____C____ integration.
a. bilateral
b. global
c. regional
d. unilateral

5. Which of the following statements mostaccurately describes the relationship between trading groups and MNEs?
a. Trading groups have no influence on the size of the regional market.
b. Regional trading groups can define the rulesunder which companies must operate.
c. Companies never need to change their organizational structure to take advantage of regional trading groups.
d. Regional trading groups have no influence onan MNE’s strategy since they operate worldwide.

6. Companies looking to expand internationally must ___D_____.
a. not worry about the regional trading groups in the area
b. change theirorganizational structure to fit the norms in the foreign country
c. disregard changes in trading groups that could affect the company
d. be aware of the regional trading groups that encompassgood market opportunities

7. As companies expand internationally, they must change their ____A____ to take advantage of regional trading groups.
a. operating strategies
b. marketopportunities
c. bilateral trade agreements
d. cultural structure

8. Trade agreements, whether regional, bilateral, or global, help companies ___A____.
a. by opening up markets in countries that...