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  • Publicado : 29 de enero de 2011
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In 1929 the biggest depression took place. US were devasted by the financial situation of the stock market. In the roaring twenties people were over confident so they investedout of control as what happened in Florida at that time, where it was a strongly investment in housing which was the main cause of what was called as “housing bubble”.
Due to this lots ofbanks became bankrupt and that´s why the huge amount of the people lost all their saves. Lots of firms had to close and lots of people became unemployed. So the situation was terrible and itneeded an immediately and efficient solution. That´s why we are going to propose a new deal different from that which was written by Roosevelt at that time.
We are going to divide ourproposals into two parts: economical proposals and social proposals.

Economical proposals:
* Making easier the access to our economy to new international firms so that they can increasethe profits, fight the unemployment and economic balance.
* Giving incentives to the firms which will increase their staff.
* Making the Government to participate in a percentage of20% of the private firms.
* Turning banks into public enterprises.
* Offering international bonds to other countries.
* Legalizing drugs in order to obtain money from the taxes.Social proposals:
In that moment the situation was awful, and people were dying of hunger so the death rate was huge. For instance, lots of people had to emigrate to another areas becauseof different climate conditions that destroyed the fields and they lost their harvest. They went to other places where they could have more hops to find new jobs.

In order to avoid itwe think that we would take some decisions:
* Community kitchens for that people that don’t have money and which can not buy food.
* Hostels for people who has lost their houses.
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