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Brönte Parsonage Museum
The museum is a house. You can see all the rooms that the Brönte’s house has. This are the rooms you can visit and some interesting informatio:

*Dining Room: Inside the dining room is where Charlotte, Emily and Anne did most of their writing. Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and Agnes Grey were written here.
* Mr. Brönte’s Study: Inside MrBronte's study is where Patrick Bronte carried out his daily work on behalf of the Parish. Letters raising the poor sanitation in Haworth were written here.
* Kitchen: The Kitchen is to the rear ofthe house. The Bronte children would often listen to their servant Tabby tell of stories about Haworth and the moors. After Aunt Branwell died in 1842 Emily took on the role of housekeeper helpingout in the kitchen.
* Mr. Nicholl’s Study: It appears that the room used to be a store room and had access to the outside. In 1854 Charlotte had the room changed to a study for the use of herhusband Revd. Arthur Bell Nicholls.
* Charlotte’s Room: When the Bronte's moved from Thornton this room was Patrick's and Maria's bedroom. When Mrs Bronte died Aunt Branwell used the room.At about 1844 Charlotte occupied the room, when she married her husband Arthur Bell Nicholls shared the room. Charlotte died here on 31st March 1855.
* Mr. Brönte’s Bedroom: Patrick Brontemoved from what is now called Charlotte's room after his wife Maria died in 1821, he died in this room on the 7th June 1861 aged 84. He is said to have discharged his guns from the bedroom window intothe graveyard every morning. Patrick Bronte knew first hand of Luddite and Chartist unrest and kept a loaded pistol by his bed at night for security.As Branwell's health declined he stayed in thebedroom with his father for his own safety. Patrick could keep and eye on his son who was suffering from delirium tremens. Branwell Bronte died in this room aged 31 on 24th September 1848.
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