Night without end

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Night Without End
Chapter 4: Monday 6 A.M to 6 P.M.
Dr. Mason woke up at 9:30, everyone was already up, he was feeling cold and stiff,Jackstraw had put the oil lamp outside, it was dark because in that time of year the daylight was reduced in about 2 or 3 hours a day. They heard a screamit was the stewardess who was staring at the dead radio man´s body, Mason examined him and noticed he was murdered but he had to lie to the others, hetold them that he had died because of the internal bleedings but the truth was that he had been cruelly murdered as he layed unconscious unable to defendhimself, someone put a pillow on his face until he stopped breathing. Corazzini told Mason that the tinned food was about to finish so they decided tofix the old tractor so they can go find the other scientists. When they were fixing the old tractor, Marie Legarde called Dr Mason because the stewardesshad an awful pain in the back, when he examined her back he saw that she had a deep cut on her back and a bruise on her left shoulder, after seeingthat he jumped put his furs on and went straight to the plane to check the plane he found out that nothing there could have caused the cut he entered thecabin a found that the radio cabinet was damaged then he realized that the stewardess must have been pinting a gun at the captain the killed him, hechecked the captain and had a small bullet hole in his back also hi found a gun on Colonel Harrison´s body and took it and some bullets without hesitation.
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