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Michael: Oh, i have a lot of hungry.
Esteban: yes, I am going to death! I need to eat now!
Gabriela: welcome to the restaurant. Here you have the menu.You can call when you have list the order list.
Bryan: oh, this look very delicious.
Michael: what is?
Bryan: is a noddles with sauce and spices.Esteban: Oh, that sounds great, I love the noddles, but whit sauce and spices sounds stange!
Michael: oh no this is very delicious. I ate that the lastweek.
Esteban: well, I think, I am going to order the ceviche!
Bryan: ok.
Esteban: Waitress!
Gabriela: yes. Have you decided what are you going to eat?Bryan: Yes, I will have a small order of the noddles with sauce and spices.
Gabriela: oh, that is very delicious. Ok and you. What would you like to eat?Michael: I would like a ceviche.
Esteban: me too.
Gabriela: Ok, two orders of ceviche and one of the noddles. And for drink?
Michael: I want a icedtea.
Bryan: oh I prefer a coke.
Esteban: so do i.
Gabriela: ok, in a moment, I bring you your order.
LOS TRES: thank´s.
Gabriela: well. Here you havethe ceviche and the noddles. Enjoying the dinner.
Esteban: oh, this is very acid.
Bryan: oh this very delicious.
Michael: yes!
Esteban: oh look,chilli.
Bryan: oh this are very spicy.
Esteban: don´t worry. I like that.
Bryan: I told you!
Esteban: callate.
Michael: oh I am very satisfied.
Bryan:yes the food was amazing.
Gabriela: Here you have the account.
Bryan: Oh he pays.
Esteban paga
Gabriela: thank´s for all, back soon!
Ok thank´s
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