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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2010
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Well, I saw the movie called Beautiful Mind.

In this movie the principal actor is John Nash, a young man. He lived with his wife but before he got married he lived with afriend.

This movie was about a man who has arrived to a university, first as a student and then as a teacher. When he was a student he wanted to work a lot with math because he wanted to have abig idea to change a lot of formulas for a new economic theory and he always worked on that. But all this work had a big reward because he made an amazing discovery and he became very famous inEconomic Science.

All this work had an excellent production. He created some revolutionaries theories about math problems and econometric.

When he made the amazing discovery he got anelevation to the intellectual world, and he found a really serious problem, his mind got a terrible sickness, hi had schizophrenia; a mental problem, it causes deliriums.

He got this problem because hehad too much tension of all the secret work for the government and because he always works with math problems.

He faced this problem with his wife’s help, Alice. His wife had many problemswith him for all the hallucinations that Nash had since they were together, because sometimes he fought with her.

But he was a very intelligent man; he could differentiate when he saw a realperson or when it was just a hallucination, but he had the support of his wife. He always asked Alice if she could see the person he was watching, in order to differentiate between the hallucinationand the reality. This was the way Alice helped him with this entire problem.

He had this problem by ten years, after that he won a Nobel Price in 1994, and he is a man with schizophrenia in thereal life so he is an excellent actor too.

It was a very good movie because we can see how all problems, it doesn’t matter if they are small or big, they are not impossible to overpass.
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