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Design Process Guidelines

Select the problem or condition to be solved. You will have a list of possible projects or you can bring your own problem definition.
The definition should be simple,clear and must indicate minimal specifications needed.

Discuss with your group, “project owner”, or people proposing the project.
You must fully understand what is needed and why is needed.(Youcan not design soothing you don’t understand.)

PLAN your project. List all possible activities and indicate how long each activity may take. Use some graphical method like Gant charts to illustrateactivities and decide who will be primarily responsible for each one. This plan may have to be reviewed and updated continuously to be sure you will be able to finish on time.

Find or determinewhich parameters are needed and how are you going to obtain them.

Determine what inputs and outputs are needed.
Are those inputs available? Do they need some conditioning? Do you need somesensors to detect them? Are the sensors available? How are they available? Need to buy? If not available, need to invent them?

Analyze and discuss possible alternative to solve the case.
Choose thebest of several possible alternatives. Use some decisional method or matrix.

Perform a reliability analysis of the selected alternative.

Perform an engineering economics analysis that resultsin the least cost. This analysis will have to be done again for the final product.

Divide the system, program or circuit into smaller sections, subsystems, subprograms. Try to identify thosesections with known or available components. The process will end when you can identify each component as a known one. You can continue with this division process until you reach the elements level. Andthose elements have to be known. (Remember, you can not design soothing you don’t know.)

Determine the needed values or specifications for each component.
Be aware that components require several...