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Thesis Statement
Despues de la grave amnesia que sufrio Clive, una amnesia nunca antes vista, cuando parecia que habia olvidado su pasado por completo, todavia existian algunos recuerdos de loscuales la enfermedad no pudo destruir y que estaban ligados a el sentimentalemente: La musica y su esposa.
After Clive suffered severe amnesia, one kind of amnesia never seen before, when it seemed he hadcompletely forgotten his past, there were still some memories from which the disease could not destroy and which were linked to him sentimentally: The music and his wife .
Three examples supportingevidence
1.- "He would rush to the door when he heard her voice, and embrace her with passionate, desperate fervor. Having no idea how long she had been away - since anything not in his immediate fieldof perception and attention would be lost, forgotten, within seconds - he seemed to feel that she, too, had been lost in the abyss of time, and so her "return" from the abyss seemed nothing short ofmiraculous".(The Abyss p.172)
2. The other miracle was the discovery Deborah made early on, while Clive was still in the hospital, desperately confused and disoriented: that his musical powers weretotally intact. " I picked up some music," Deborah wrote: "and held it open for Clive to see. I started to sing one of the lines. He picked up the tenor lines and sang with me. A bar or so in, Isuddenly realized what was happening. He could still read music. He was singing. His talk might be a jumble no one could understand but his brain was still capable of music.." (The Abyss p.172)
3." I spottedthe two volumes of Bach's Forty-eight Preludes and Fugues on top of the piano and asked Clive if he would play one of them. He said that he had never played any of them before, but then he began toplay Prelude 9 in E Major and said, "I remember this one." He remember almost nothing unless he is actually doing it; the it may come to him"(The Abyss p.169)
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