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Is a pleasure to interview the director of Notting Hill: Richard Curtis!!!
A. Welcome Richard, how are you?
B. Thank you is a pleasure stay here!!! I’m fine thanks!!
Today we talk aboutone of your best films: Notting Hill. I just have to say that a book has made with this film.
A. What do you spect about the film at the beginning?
B. Well, I have to say that at first, I wasn’tso sure with the spects of this film. But I think that I can be very happy with it.
A. Julia Roberts, Hugh Grand… they two in your film all a pleasure, no?
B. Yes! Are fantastic actors! Withthey two, record a film its very easier than a lot of films. They can do any character on any situation.
A. Yes they are so good. Did you like to record the film in London? Why Notting Hill?B. Yes! I think London is one of the best cities in the world if it isn’t the best. I love it! We recorded on Notting Hill because I had been there some times and I thank that it was the perfect placeto record the film, I love his market.
A. Yes, I have to say that since I saw your film I had gone two times.
A. The film had been nominated for awards, three of them to the Golden Balloonand the other to BAFTA. Did you think that the film deserved something more?
B. No, no, no… I think that the awards aren’t more important than the opinion of people about the film. I’m very happywith the opinions. The awards of the film had been to the best actors and actress, so they were to Julia or Hugh, because they are very, very good actors.
A. Yes, in a test to people who had seenthe film, the 83% said that it was an excellent film. On your films, there is always a group of friends, so different between then, who tries to resolve the problems of the main characters. Is there a“why” in this characters. Do you have a group of friends like them?
B. No, I’ve do this because I think that a group of different people is most interesting to the see than any “normal” group of...
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