Nursing care

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Nursing Care
Nursing has evolved and now for your practice requires more than calling and good will, hence the interest of making a careful reflection on the nature of it and the importance for the nursing profession and for people to whom it is addressed.

Usually when we speak of care, we refer to the action of taking charge of another. First establish the difference between personal careand care for another. The concept of personal care according to the AAMR 1999 includes skills related to hygiene, food, clothing, hygiene and personal appearance. While the care provided by nursing staff is trying to solve the problems that stand or affect the quality of life of people.

In order to provide good patient care, first of all we must have good self-care because if we do not know howto look after ourselves we cannot carry out the care needed to help the patient. Some things to keep in mind to take a good care are:
1. Conducting personal grooming and hygiene: Conducting of hygiene and personal care independently (personal development).
2. Intimacy: Maintaining privacy in personal care activities that require it (material welfare) and respect the privacy of personal carecolleagues.
3. Helping others: to encourage support among all household members when the needs of any member so requires (relationships).
4. Use the proper tools of personal hygiene: Use of equipment needed for adequate care and their own choice (material welfare and rights).
5. Healthy eating: The development of appropriate eating habits (personal development).
6. Identify disease:Demonstration of physical discomfort (physical).
7. Look good: Decision on personal appearance (self).
8. Caring for the external image: Show an aspect adapted to different environments of social life (social inclusion).
9. Autonomy in the home: Apply the skills learned and perform the usual household activities, contributing to the achievement of common tasks.

The essence of nursing is thecare, which can be defined as the actions taken by the nurse and that are intended to try to resolve problems that stand or influence the quality of life of people. The care is directed at the person as an individual, family, group and community in relation to its surroundings continuous live healthy experiences.

In general we can say that the practice focuses on the care of the person whetherthe individual, family, group or community to interact with their environment, living healthy experiences. So this nursing goes beyond to meet many routine tasks, but rather requires intuition to make decisions and think and reflect actions that respond to the needs of each individual.

The nursing staff should be given individualized care and this makes us think about the dimension of care froma broad perspective and positive, as it opens the possibility of direct care to the human development of the subject either individually or in community but within their specific historical and cultural conditions, this means they must be aware of themselves and their actions.

Affective care has provided a positive attitude and a commitment to doing things the best way possible, thereforetakes practice beyond the person-nurse, this involves different processes such as reflection, relationship beliefs and values, the application of knowledge, intuition, among others.

It is often said that care is invisible and take care, worry, believe in someone, or simply accompany her in her illness, are invisible actions and is said to be a more comprehensive care is necessary to know theperson and their environment to to improve their health but for that you need time and the nurse does not have it completely because many times the time spent with patients is to perform only routine activities also something that has really helped the health area is the use Technology can be defined as a branch of knowledge was responsible for creating and using technical means for scientific...
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