Nutrición y sistema inmune

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  • Publicado : 29 de octubre de 2010
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Nutrition and The Immune System
The immune system is a group of organs and cells that defend the body against infection, disease and foreign substances. It keeps youhealthy and strong.
Because HIV attacks the immune system you want to make sure you keep it as strong as possible. You can do that by eating a healthy diet!
Food providesyou with many of the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy body. A healthy balance of all nutrients helps support the immune system.
Carbohydrates supply the immune system withenergy so that it can work better and fight disease.
Increase whole grain complex carbohydrates, such as:
• Whole-wheat bread
• Brown rice
• Whole-wheat pasta
• Grains likewhole-wheat couscous, quinoa, barley
• Cereals like oatmeal, shredded wheat, bran cereals
Limit simple sugars, such as:
• Sugar, brown sugar, honey
• Candy
• Malta
• Soda
Limitprocessed carbs, such as:
• White bread products
• Cakes, cookies, pies
Proteins make enzymes, which help the immune cells kill germs, viruses, bacteria etc. They also help keep the GItract and immune system healthy.
Choose lean meats:
• White meat turkey
• Lean pork (ham)
• White meat chicken
• Lean red meats
• Fish
Choose plant proteins:
• Nuts andbeans
• Peanut butter
• Tofu and other soy products
Limit high fat meats
• Take the skin off chicken
• Trim the fat off steak and pork
• Limit bacon, sausage, salami andother high fat meat
Fats are necessary for the body and immune system to work properly. They serve as fuel for the immune cells.
Choose Omega-3 fats (They boost the immune system!), such as:• Cold water fish like, salmon, mackerel, herring, halibut, albacore tuna, anchovies, trout and sardines
• Flaxseeds oil, canola oil (cold pressed oils are best)
• Walnuts, flaxseeds,...