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Vietnam Syndrome
Vietnam Syndrome is known by the sense of defeat and helplessness suffered by American society in the 70s and early 80s of the twentieth century after the defeat in the VietnamWar.
In the '60s and the first three of the 70 United States fought the war (undeclared), longest in history and one of the most expensive in lives and dollars. But the victory was notachieved:
58.169 dead
More than 300,000 injured.
More than 2,000 missing
Thousands of disabled people, amputees, paralyzed and mentally disturbed.
Hundreds of thousands of soldiers with extensivedrug addiction and serious problems adjusting to civilian life
Billions of dollars in equipment and assistance of all kinds
All this flood of effort led to the fall of Laos in the early 70s, thefall of Phnom Penh in the hands of the Khmer Rouge on April 17 and April 30 the communists took Saigon and the U.S. embassy.
The feeling of defeat on all fronts was complete. The Army defended himselfand continued to do after saying he had fought well, but politics always had their hands tied. However, other sources such as the CIA itself had warned failure to win this conflict by force of arms.The U.S. position gradually changed. From 60% in favor of a clear conflict opposition, even though Nixon carried out the attacks and bombings and illegal harder the conflict
At the end of theconflict the situation has not improved. The demonstration that the U.S. could be defeated by an underdeveloped people using guerrilla warfare deeply stalled in many countries such as Afghanistan, WesternSahara and particularly the nations of Central America, and previously lived conflict. With this moral impulse the guerrillas in Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, etc. causing its shares rose more orless widespread feeling (much between politicians and military and less on the rest of society) to be losing the war against communism and be certain of the Domino Theory.
A third factor is...
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