Of mice and man

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2010
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Of mice and man
This story is about two man that were friends, George (small and intelligent) and Lennie (tall , stupid, and likes soft things) this guys were lookingfor work because they had the idea to have they own ranch, with rabbits, hens and other animals, but this was secret. Finally they found a job in a place named weed. In thatpart Lennie and George knew new people like Candy , Carlson, Slim(cool guy) ,Curley the boss son and Curleys wife. Curley was a boxer and he use a glove with vasselina, he use tohave problems with the ones that see his wife because his wife was like a hoochie.Lennie and George were living in a bunk house.
In one part Candy (swamper with out ahand) hears Lennie talking about the ranch Candy was interested in that and he said that he wanted to be part of the project of having a ranch, he said that he would helpGeorge and Lennie to paid the ranch, and when he die he would inherit them, at first George wasn’t sure but them he accepted. Lennie all the time was dreaming about feeding therabbits.
Lennie knew a black guy named Crooks this guy was all the time lonely because he was black and the other guys discriminate him. Lennie was his only friend and he useto talk about the ranch with Crooks. When Lennie return to the bunk house he was remembering about feeding the rabbits with a big smile on his face , in that moment Carlsonsaid to Curley glove full of vasselina, and Lennie was smiling but Curley thinked that Lennie was smiling bout him and he started hitting Lennie , Lennie only was seeingCurley he couldn’t move, then George said come on Lennie kick his butt, and Lennie took Curleys hand and he started broking it, Curleys hand was made crap, Carlson and Slim took...