Of mice and men essay

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Of Mice and Men is a book, more specific a novel. This great novel was wrote by John Steinbeck. The book time period take place at the early 1900sThis story is about is about George Milton and LennieSmall who are the main caracters, they work in different places all the time they were migrant laborers and they when to work at a ranch that locates in the south of Soledad, Californi.When they werethere they meet other charapters. At read Of Mice and Men the reader can identify himself with the theme of disabilitys because everyone at certain moment can feel lonely and without confidenses orwhit simple disabilitys each person have. Each one of the laborers had a physical or mental disability, that shows along the book when George an Lennie start to knew them better.
Tow characters whohave common ¨ disabilities¨ are crooks and curleys wife. They cant be more different from each other. Crooks, a black labor and curleys wife a white women with crushed dreams. But even they,bouth feelvery alone and they have the sensation that they dont have rights. For example ¨ Cuase I’m black. They play cads in there, but I cant play because I`m black. (Steinbeck, 68) He feels that if he donthave rights to go to the boy´s place no one can go to his place. Curly´s wife have a problem of lonliness, the reader can identified that when she said this. ¨ Well, I giving you trouble. Think I don’tlike to talk to somebody ever´ one in a while? Think I like to stick in that house alla time? ¨ (Steinbeck, 77). To Crooks, Candy and Lennie when they try to make her go. She marries Curly because shedidn’t have another option. She always have to be at the house because she is a women. Therefore, though these two characters may seem different, their loneliness connects them.
Other charaptersthat had some kind of disabilities were Curley and Candy. Curley was the boss`s son, he was small and arogand no one really likes him even his wife. Candy was a labor man who looses his hand working....
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