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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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How OOCL can use the Communication as a tool (advantage)
* OOCL: Customer Focus (Differentiation)
Now we are going to analyse why OOOCL is a differentiation focuser, theseare the advantages of why there are different from their competitors:
They seek for competitive differentiation; therefore they are trying to expand in fields in which the competitors are week.These are fields are principally Safety and Effectiveness for the Customer, therefore they have new ideas:
* CTPAT: Against maritime terrorism (C-TPAT- North America)
* IRIRS 2 – Hardware systemof regional navigation, reform the point of view of OOCL
* Marketing Mix: 4p’s
* Product:
Is a Cargo shipping and logistics company. That operates in the Maritime field of transportation.* Price: Mexico fee in 2010 of: Per size. Competition: Hanjin Shipping charges
20 (container size) - $ 230 20 (container size) - $ 400
40(container size) - $ 460 40 (container size) - $500
* Place:
They are an International company
So they operate in Europe, North America, Asia andAustralia. South America and African market in a near future.
* Promotion:
* Its Via Online in the main page: Trough these 3 links.
These 3 types of promotion make direct connection with theenterprise
My OOCL Center
Contact us
Local contact

* Communicator Strategy:
Communicator has to have the ability of Safety and Effectiveness; therefore they can makeanticipations in needs and be effective for the customers.
They can reach the Added value of customer -> trough the investment
* Message Strategy: Communicator

The message strategy in OOCL is thedenominate “four core values” that is based on the equal treat of the employees, the customer focus (for example Mexico need faster vessels because is far away), the investment of infrastructure...
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